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Friday 8th March 2013

  1. Ninjaneering: Where Fine Art meets High Tech to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Friday 8th March

    As an exploration of the intersection of art and technology, the panel will present and discuss several large-scale sculptures that strongly leverage various forms of engineering. Consisting of a mix ...

    At Omni Downtown, Longhorn (map)

Saturday 9th March 2013

  1. Brainstorming Technology First to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Saturday 9th March

    This talk will show you how to brainstorm new ideas, products, campaigns, and services using a technology-first approach. In the past, you might have brainstormed using a blank canvas approach. ...

    At Omni Downtown, Austin (map)

  2. Digital Telepathy: When Every Thing Connects to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Saturday 9th March

    Once upon a time, our phone, the fridge and TV were distinct devices, manufactured in distinctly different environments. Not anymore. Today, our devices share technologies in an unprecedented manner. We ...

    At Omni Downtown, Lone Star (map)

Sunday 10th March 2013

  1. ConnectiCity to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Sunday 10th March

    ConnectiCity aims at gaining deeper understandings about the near future scenarios of cities and citizens. A vision on human-centered smart cities. A narrative experience through experiments, prototypes and services which ...

    At Omni Downtown, Austin (map)

Monday 11th March 2013

  1. Edison vs. Tesla & the Myth of the Lone Inventor to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Monday 11th March

    Tempers run hot in the tech community anytime you mention the names Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. At the dawn of the 20th century both men had incredibly accurate predictions ...

    At Omni Downtown, Capital Ballroom (map)

  2. Presenting Complex Information with Simplicity to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Monday 11th March

    Complex stories and information can often be difficult to explain. Presented poorly, they can come across as too dense or intimidating to understand. And that can leave you and your ...

    At Omni Downtown, Austin (map)

Tuesday 12th March 2013

  1. Fun & Games with CSS3 to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Tuesday 12th March

    Chris Ruppel demonstrates some bleeding-edge creative concepts you can achieve using CSS3. Examples aren't as practical as they are inspiring, showing off the possibilities of CSS3 and touching on components ...

    At Omni Downtown, Lone Star (map)