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Saturday 9th March 2013

  1. How Peep Culture Hacked Your Reputation & Brain to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Saturday 9th March

    In his book 'The Peep Diaries' & doc 'Peep Culture,' Hal Niedzviecki notes our willingness to bare everything for entertainment, profit & reputation. Even if we don't aspire to fame, ...

    At Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Capitol E-H (map)

Sunday 10th March 2013

  1. Is This Progress? More Meaning in Our Digital Life to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Sunday 10th March

    IT advances have created a mass transformation comparable to the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution. As we use digital tools to create new connections and experiences, what is the impact ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Ballroom EF (map)

Monday 11th March 2013

  1. Are You a Digital Hoarder? to

    Core Conversation on Monday 11th March

    Do you have thousands of rich media files that you can't make sense of? Do you find yourself breaking into a sweat when you try to find a file? Are ...

    At Hyatt Regency Austin, Hill Country ABCD (map)

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