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Friday 8th March 2013

  1. Spreadable Media: Value, Meaning & Network Culture to

    Featured Session on Friday 8th March

    How can we better understand how content circulates within contemporary networked culture? The collective decisions people make about whether to pass along content are profoundly reshaping the media landscape. Many ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Ballroom EF (map)

Saturday 9th March 2013

  1. Creativity & Mayhem: Anonymous Communities at Work to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Saturday 9th March

    Communities like Anonymous and 4chan's /b/ create Internet culture, change politics and make news. But how do they build trust, share work and intervene in the world? How can new ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 9ABC (map)

Sunday 10th March 2013

  1. Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business to

    Featured Session on Sunday 10th March

    There's a new business revolution brewing—& it's happening where we shop. John Mackey, co-CEO & co-founder of Whole Foods Market & a pioneer of the Conscious Capitalism movement, will go ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Ballroom D (map)

Monday 11th March 2013

  1. Empowering Communities with Civic Science & Data to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Monday 11th March

    In a data driven world, how do individuals contribute? Do you question where your data comes from and who owns it? This panel will explore the recent surge of grassroots ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 9ABC (map)

Tuesday 12th March 2013

  1. We Want Turtles! Giving Communities What They Want to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Tuesday 12th March

    In conversation with Leslie Wolke, Jake Barton, founder and principal of Local Projects will walk through the case study of "Change by Us," an open source application with its first ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB (map)

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