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Friday 8th March 2013

  1. Ninjaneering: Where Fine Art meets High Tech to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Friday 8th March

    As an exploration of the intersection of art and technology, the panel will present and discuss several large-scale sculptures that strongly leverage various forms of engineering. Consisting of a mix ...

    At Omni Downtown, Longhorn (map)

Saturday 9th March 2013

  1. 2012: Year of the GLI.TC/H to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Saturday 9th March

    What happens when accidents become the building blocks of the art-making process? Glitches point toward new ways of seeing the world, an echo or document of the technology, politics and ...

    At Omni Downtown, Longhorn (map)

  2. Creative Collaboration Using an Open Source Model to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Saturday 9th March

    The availability of open source libraries and frameworks has spawned rapid explorations in new expressional forms and has provided a common environment for collaboration between artists and creators. Further the ...

    At Omni Downtown, Austin (map)

  3. Anarchist to Sell-Out: Punks Make Better CEOs to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Saturday 9th March

    Nathan Martin is the CEO of innovation studio Deeplocal, best known for the creation of the Nike Chalkbot street painting robot seen at the Tour de France. Before working for ...

    At Omni Downtown, Austin (map)

Sunday 10th March 2013

  1. Art, Activism & Augmented Reality to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Sunday 10th March

    One of the latest genres in New Media art is that of Augmented Reality, or the overlay of digital content onto physical reality through the use of smart phones and ...

    At Omni Downtown, Austin (map)

Monday 11th March 2013

  1. The Sketchbook Project: A Global Art Library Grows to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Monday 11th March

    The Sketchbook Project is a constantly evolving library of handmade artists' books, contributed by more than 22,000 people from 130+ countries. The Project encourages creative people from diverse backgrounds — ...

    At Omni Downtown, Austin (map)

Tuesday 12th March 2013

  1. Creativity: From a Pile of Rocks to a Work of Art to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Tuesday 12th March

    Inspiration comes to us free of charge. But that's just the start of the creative process. Making a work of art, launching a business or even starting a career requires ...

    At Omni Downtown, Austin (map)