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Saturday 9th March 2013

  1. Accessibility Meet Up to

    Meet Up on Saturday 9th March

    Meet up and chat with technology enthusiasts and digital creatives interested in universal access to technology for all people regardless of ability. Whether you work in the web or mobile ...

    At Driskill Hotel, Driskill Ballroom (map)

Sunday 10th March 2013

  1. Mentor Session: Dave Cirilli to

    Mentor Session on Sunday 10th March

    Thanks to growing accessibility to information and the ability to connect through technology, entrepreneurs have more access to reporters and media influencers than ever. And while this is great news ...

    At Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown, 10th Floor Atrium (map)

  2. 3D Printing for People with Disabilities to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Sunday 10th March

    People with disabilities are often confined to using assistive equipment that is ugly and badly designed for their needs. Wheelchairs, crutches, handrails, vehicles, cutlery - most things in life - ...

    At Omni Downtown, Capital Ballroom (map)

  3. Special Touch: Special Needs Apps Need You to

    Core Conversation on Sunday 10th March

    Special needs kids range from children with cerebral palsy, autism, the name a few. The iPad and special needs apps allow kids to verbally communicate their basic needs and ...

    At Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol, Capitol View South (map)

Tuesday 12th March 2013

  1. Wanted: Mobile Dev with 40 Years Experience to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Tuesday 12th March

    Low-resolution displays. Limited input capabilities. Frustrating voice interaction. Distracted users. A neverending array of devices. The mobile environment in 2012? Or is it how users with disabilities have dealt with ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 5ABC (map)

  2. Digital Outcasts: The New Bootstrapping to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Tuesday 12th March

    The term “outcast” covers numerous demographic categories. It can represent the 54 million Americans currently living with a disability. It can refer to patients who live in isolation during long-term ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB (map)

  3. Making Accessible Transportation Modern & Cool to

    Solo / Dual / Panel on Tuesday 12th March

    To the millions of travelers with special needs getting from one place to another has been an issue due to inaccessible routes or lack of information about the routes they ...

    At Austin Convention Center, Room 5ABC (map)

  4. Touch Me Now: Accessibility on Mobile Screens to

    Workshops on Tuesday 12th March

    RSVP Required - Mobile devices have changed the way we design and develop products. Every touch and interface design decision has an impact, especially on users with disabilities. We'll talk ...

    At AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 202 (map)