Attendee directory for South By Interactive 2013

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Iskander Smit

Innovation director @Infonl, leading @LABSinfonl; thinker & speaker on connected things; co-organising @ThingsConAMS & #bdams; visiting professor @idetudelft bio from Twitter

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Amber Case

Dir / Esri R&D Center Portland,

Michael Lajlev

Digital Product Designer @ Mobilethink bio from Twitter

Erica Lee

tech mktg & PR, home chef, futbol freak, metal fan, aspiring author, science nerd w/ Int'l politics eye & cartoon logic. Chelsea Blue, SF city girl on a farm bio from Twitter

Bernie J Mitchell

Blogger, New Dorker, Purveyor of Tribes, Inbound Marketing & #Sharingeconomy Radio. I Love People, Macchiato, #Argentina, Bowie, Kafka & Super Cool Wife You in?

Louis Montagne

af83 & ckab CEO, FrenchTechclub, IOT, Open Source, transformation bio from Twitter

Andy Leigh

Datamancer. bio from Twitter

Clarissa Peterson

UX designer & developer, author of Learning Responsive Web Design

Ben Combee

Senior software Engineer at Roku, occasional hardware hacker, and friend of NYC Resistor


Frequent flyer, serial entrepreneur, now partner @North_Bridge. Investors in @Disqus, @DynInc, @Quora, @PlexxiInc, Gridco, @acquia, @actifio, @tapjoy, etc bio from Twitter

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James Stewart

Technical Architect, Government Digital Service

Brad Oyler

Lead Dev @NBCNews Digital, experimenting with content. #webperf #ux #nodejs bio from Twitter

Guy Hoozdis

Standard Nerd. I've said too much already. bio from Twitter

Arelia Jones

Front End Developer at @CareerBuilder and Cofounder/Instructor at @CoderSpace

오빤바리스타일 ✌™

9-5 escapee🌴. chasing unicorns 🦄. ❤UX. Travel✈️. Food. Coffee. Investor / Trader 📈. Living life without borders. 👻: nolim1t bio from Twitter

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Jesse Cravens

Sr Engineer, frog

D. Keith Casey, Jr.

I do stuff with APIs, PHP, documentation, OAuth, @AustinAPI, @Techstars and @Okta. I was also one of the first @Twilio evangelists.

Dan Poynor

Graphic Designer, Art Director, UX/UI Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer - mostly freelance

Rey Bango

Developer Relations at Microsoft for web developers and Edge. Contributing Editor to @smashingmag. Exploring #infosec & #appsec. Opinions are mine. bio from Twitter

Tastefully Offensive

Premium Funny. Updated daily. bio from Twitter

Ryan Joy

Web dev. Love JavaScript. Developer Evangelist @ Microsoft. Living in Austin, Texas. Co-Organizer of Refresh Austin. Sometimes photographer. Tweets are my own.

Chris T–T

Words & music. Lo-fi Arts Consultancy | album #9 The Bear out now

Matteo Cassese

Interactive consultant and entrepreneur passionate about innovation and technology. More info: